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Schleich Akhal-Teke Stallion Clearance Sale

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Schleich Akhal-Teke Stallion Clearance Sale

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Product OverviewSchleich Akhal-Teke Stallion Clearance Sale
Akhal-Teke horses are considered one of the most beautiful horse breeds. In China, Akhal-Teke are called "heaven horses", who, like the Akhal-Teke stallion by Schleich Horse Club, have a gold-shimmering coat. These animals are a very old horse breed with a history spanning a period of almost 3,000 years. They were named after a 100 km long oasis strip on the edge of the Karakuma desert in Turkmenistan.
  • Contents: 1 x Schleich Akhal-Teke Stallion
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  • Suitable for ages 3 Years +
  • Dimensions: 4.96W x 1.41D x 4.01H cm